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Kindred Spirits and Good Omens

Occasional profundity. Mainly nonsense.

See the coat at the top? I’m making that coat. Ever since I first saw Syfy’s ‘Alice' with Caterina Scorsone and Andrew Lee Potts I knew I had to have it and to have it I knew I'd have to make it.

After searching high and low for a pattern (a fabulous 1950s one courtesy of Embonpoint Vintage, adapted for purpose by yours truly) and the right fabric (plum cotton velvet at £25.00/m from Truro Fabrics) I am finally able to begin.

Not only will it be fabulous for everyday (who doesn’t need a purple velvet coat?) it will also provide an emergency cosplay option (yes there is such a thing). And it will be fun to sew.

I’m going to occasionally bore you with my progress but who knows; you might find stuff like pattern drafting and stuff interesting. That’s what the middle pictures are by the way - various stages of the pattern drafting process.

So yeah, if you want to marvel at my genius then please do :) I can’t wait to get this done.

1 year ago

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    My favorite part is that is the coat Hatter gave to her to wear. I would love to see Hatter himself wearing it :-P
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    So excited to see how this comes out!